Best Bread Machine Reviews of 2017

Welcome to Bread Machine Central! If you have been looking for the best bread machine out there and the search has led you down some disappointing streets with no exit, fear no more. At Bread Machine Central you can find hundreds of different bread maker reviews with all the information you have been looking for. We are here to help you make an educated decision about what bread machine suits your needs and budget.

Bread machines have been around since 1986. They were first produced by a Japanese company named Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co., but you most probably know it now as Panasonic. Since then bread machines have evolved and many other producers have entered the market to join Panasonic. Today’s bread making machines are packed with highly advanced and amazing features, and many people can’t imagine life without them.

Best Bread Machine Comparison Table

Bread machineBladesWarrantyLoaf sizePriceScore
Zojirushi BB-PAC2021 year1.5, 2$$$5.0
Breville BBM800XL21 year1.5, 2$$$5.0
Panasonic Sd-bmt1001-t21 year1.5, 2$$$5.0

Bread machine reviews

Here’s a couple of brief reviews of the best rated bread makers by our editors. We have ranked them based on their features, price, and numerous customer testimonials we were able to find in various online stores. We believe that all of them are great buys at the moment, but most of it comes down to your personal preference and budget. You can also find more information about them in the reviews section on our website.

1. Zojirushi BB-PAC20 – Top rated by our staff

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 ReviewZojirushi is a Japanese brand that has been around for almost a century. They own several patents and has a long tradition. They produce plenty of different bread machines, and we believe that the BB-PAC20 is one of the most interesting ones at the moment.

It comes with a unique top-browning feature, and two kneading paddles. It’s the top rated bread machine by our editors and we believe it’s a great buy at the moment.

  • Bakes traditional 2-pound loaf
  • Dual kneading blade
  • 13-hour delay timer
  • 1-year warranty
  • Higher price

2. Breville BBM800XL – Family size loaf

The Breville BBM800XL is another advanced bread maker that has received high ratings by our editors, and consumers in several online stores. It can bake large 2.5-pound loaf and it’s appropriate for larger families where there are always more than two mouths to feed.

It features an automatic fruit and nut dispenser, a unique collapsible kneading paddle, and an easy to use control panel with a wide range of highly advanced features.

  • Bakes 1.0-pound, 1-1/2-pound, 2.0, and 2-1/2-pound loaf
  • Unique collapsible kneading paddle
  • Smart LCD screen
  • Comes with 46 step by step recipes
  • 1-year warranty
  • Higher price

3. Panasonic Sd-bmt1001-t – Highly advanced and modern

Panasonic probably doesn’t need an introduction. It’s one of the largest corporations in the world. They produce almost everything from televisions to smaller kitchen appliances. One of the top rated Panasonic bread makers by our editors is the SD-BMT1001-T.

It’s a versatile bread maker that can make anything from udon, mochi, and pizza. It comes in an attractive brown color and we believe it looks very modern and stylish.

  • Bakes a tall 1.0-pound loaf
  • 13-hour delay timer
  • Smart LCD screen
  • Comes with an instruction manual and recipe book
  • 1-year warranty
  • Single loaf size

Bread machine brands

  • Zojirushi – A Japanese manufacturer of consumer electronics founded in 1918.
  • Panasonic – One of the world’s largest multinational corporations founded in 1918.
  • Breville – Australian manufacturer of small home appliances founded in 1932.
  • Cuisinart – An American manufacturer of kitchen appliances founded in 1971 and owned by Conair Corporation.
  • Hamilton Beach – American manufacturer of home and commercial appliances founded in 1910.
  • Black & Decker – American company founded in 1910.

Bread machine buying guide

Here are a couple of factors you should take into consideration when you are looking to buy a new bread maker machine.


bread machine priceBread machines come in broad range of prices. You can spend about $50 for a cheap machine that is capable of making small loafs, or several hundred dollars for a larger machine that offers more customizable functions. Our mission is to review bread machines that can give you the convenience of making fresh bread in your home without breaking the bank. One thing to remember is that bread makers are priced according to the features that they offer. But also remember that buying an expensive machine loaded with features doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the best bread machine for your needs. Quality is important however, and you can get idea of the quality of the machine by reading the reviews of this site as well as others online.

Consumer reviews

If you are in the process of buying a bread machine, there’s a big chance that someone has already purchased it before you. Several online stores publish consumer reviews and ratings on a regular basis. If a product has high ratings, it means that it keeps consumers satisfied.

Capacity and Size

size capacityCapacity and size and probably the most important factors that you need to understand before you decide to buy a bread machine. If you live alone and want to bake bread just for yourself for dinner, you don’t need a large machine. But if you have a large family, a half-pound loaf of bread won’t be enough and you should look for a machine that can bake larger loaves.

Large machines are great for baking large loafs, buy the last thing you want is to have the machine on the floor because it doesn’t fit your counter-space. Take measurements of your counter-space to be sure that a machine will fit into your desired space in the kitchen.


Bread makers often come with multiple settings, sometimes too many. Take a look at the different settings and features of each machine that you think will suit your needs.  Will you use these settings? More settings will usually mean a higher price point per machine, don’t pay for settings that you won’t use.  With that being said, it also helps to check and see what types of accessories accompany the machine you are looking for.  Some will come with separate kneading tools, arms and spatulas.  If you get lucky you might even find a bread machine that comes with a great bread knife.


Most today’s bread machine have some sort of manufacturer warranty which usually lasts for up to 2 years from the day you purchase it. Most of them are quite reliable, but it’s always good to know that your money is safe from material defects and malfunctions.


Even if your bread machine is easy to use, it won’t do the job well if you don’t know how to bake bread. We advise you to look for a machine that comes with a basic recipe guide with a few different types of loaves of bread. Some machines will come with many more types of recipes that work well with the temperature settings of the machine. Also, there are some bread makers that will offer recipes for those who only bake a gluten-free loaf of bread.

Bread Machine Recipes

You are more than welcome to check out our recipes designed for bread machines, so you can start baking your favorite bread right away. Our recipes include several different types of bread, so there’s no doubt you will find something that suits your taste and needs.

These recipes are easy and take virtually no time to make, you just need to add the ingredients, choose the best cooking cycle and settings in your bread machine and turn it on, and the machine will do the rest for you while you have free time to do something else. Soon enough you will have ready hot and crispy bread that will taste like heaven smothered in butter or jam and accompanied with a cup of tea or coffee.

Imagine fresh bread everyday for dinner, for you and your family…priceless.

Pick a bread machine with settings for white, whole wheat or sweet bread; there are hundreds of options to choose from. We strive to help you find the ultimate bread maker that will fulfill your needs and meet your expectations, and, of course, a bread machine that will not ruin your family budget or break after a few months.

Feel free to leave your own comments and questions at the bottom of any article and we will do our best to help you out.